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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playoffs?!? We're talking about playoffs?!? P-P-Playoffs?!?

With all due respect to the impressive tome that FJB wrote this morning, here are my short-but-sweet playoff predictions, for what they may be worth.

NLDS: Phils over Brewers. Cause Sabathia can only pitch twice at most this series.

Cubs over Dodgers. Cause the Cubs were the best team in the NL all year long, and I think Manny disappears this week.

ALDS: Angels over Red Sox. Cause no one on the east coast knows how good the Angels are.

Rays over White Sox. Cause the Rays have a bunch of ways to win and I'm not sentimental on Griffey or Thome.

NLCS: Cubs over Phils. Cause the Cubs hit better than the Phils pitch. Though it'll be a slugfest.

ALCS: Angels over Rays. Cause the Angels have been here before. Oh, and they are good.

World Series: Cubs over Angels. Cause it's time.

Caveat: What do I know about the playoffs? I'm usually knee deep in football at this point in the year. At least we aren't being hit over the head with Yankees crap this year.

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Steven said...

Here's the deal. Baby doesn't sleep in her bed/crib. She sleeps in the baby carrier. Which means I have to be awake and standing up. Which means I'm stuck with nothing to do but read, type, and surf for at least 2-3 hours a night every night.

Now you know how I find all this blogging time. When she's old enough to finally sleep through the night on her own, who knows what'll happen.