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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GB&U: Now With More Happiness!

RESULT: Nats beat L.A. 2-1.

GOOD: Joel Hanrahan. Walks the tightrope to earn his fifth save. Lastings Milledge. Hits his 13th homer of the season, his sixth in August, and made a terrific diving catch in center field. Guz went 3-for-4 with an RBI.

Ryan Zimmerman. Despite alomst throwing two balls away (one to second, one to first), he made four double plays from third base and could have had an around-the-horn triple play if he'd throw to second instead of home on the botched play that allowed the Dodger's only run.

BAD: Lots of 0-fers last night. Wee Willie, Belly-yard, Jesus, Langerhans all went hitless. Derek Lowe was on last night, and made mince-meat of some of the guys.

UGLY: Lack of control. Balestar only walked one, but hit two batters -- in succession, no less. And Hanrahan had zero control of his 97 MPH heater, but managed to get Kemp and Ethier to swing anyway. Stuff like that will do that.

INJURY REPORT: Kearns down (15 DL for stress fracture in left foot--sayonara). Dukes up (1-for11 with one home run and one ejections arguing balls and strikes. Mid-Season form!).

NEXT GAME: Tonight against the sinking Dodgers. Tim Redding (8-8, 4.54) faces future Hall of Famer 353-game winner Greg Maddux (6-10, 4.25).


An Briosca Mor said...

could have had an around-the-horn triple play if he'd throw to third instead of home on the botched play that allowed the Dodger's only run.

He stepped on third for the first out after he fielded the ball (which is why the play at the plate was no longer a force). Who was he supposed to have thrown to at third? Or did you mean he should have thrown to second after stepping on third? I suppose that Bonifacio might have turned it in time to get the third out at first (has there ever been such an around-the-horn TP in history?) but if he hadn't the run would have scored. I think Zim was smart to throw home. If Flores's view of the play hadn't been blocked by the runner, he'd have realized it wasn't a force and they'd have had a sure out at the plate.

Dave Nichols said...

ABM, thanks for the comment.

first, it was a typo, and i'll correct it. i obviously meant to say second instead of third.

I didn't say should, only could. the first out happened so quickly, from where i was sitting (directly even at third base) it looked like Zim could have gone around the horn.

he would have at least gotten a DP and allowed the run to score, which happened anyway. it's unfortunate that Flores didn't see Zim step on third, and also unfortunate he dropped the transfer, cause a 5-2-3 double play, missing the out in the middle, would have been entertaining to watch.

and sure, there have been around the horn triple plays. for a complete list, you can go here