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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holy Cow (no pun intended)--Young Sent To Syracuse

This just in, a single sentence press release from the Nats:

First baseman Dmitri Young has been outrighted to Syracuse of the Triple-A International League. The Nationals’ 40-Man Roster now stands at 35.
Bottom(feeder) Line: I guess that's how they move Young off the roster. He obviously won't decline the assignment, cause where else is he going to get a $5M major league contract? So he accepts and becomes the highest paid minor leaguer. Either way, it's pretty cold.

How bad does this look right now? This is a guy that the GM and the team heralded in his all-star comeback player of the year season of 2007, then grant him a HUGE two-year reward contract for $10M. And now, half-way through that contract, flat demotes back to Triple-A. That's just great roster maintenance (noted with sarcasm). For a team that has upper management preaching fiscal responsibility, how many more of these terrible reward contracts do they have to see before they do something about the guy handing them out?

Young got a big raise, now he's sent to Siberia (ever been to Syracuse in April?). Guzman got a new contract and promptly went out and got hurt. Belliard got a two-year deal. Willie Harris' new deal has to pop up any day now. At least Willie is in shape. But here's still more evidence, if any more are needed, of Jim Bowden's ineffectiveness. Here's a team that loses their first round pick over $700,000, but is paying their Triple-A first baseman $5M.

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Wil Nieves said...

Do you think this is a sure sign they'll be picking up a 1B in the offseason? PLEASE tell me we aren't putting all our eggs in the Nick Johnson basket. Do you think there will be any other big moves to AAA now that we're done with the Chief and Meathook?

Dave Nichols said...

hey Wil. i think this does open the door on bringing in a big bat, and i think they lean towards Dunn for a couple of reasons:

1) Dunn will be cheaper than Tex.
2) IF Johnson can play, Dunn goes to left and they are stronger at two positions.
3) Dunn will be cheaper than Tex.

I don't buy into the Prince Fielder rumors, but wouldn't be shocked at a Matt Holliday trade either.

as for other dead wood getting cut, if i were Austin Kearns right now i'd be pretty nervous, especially if they were to trade for an outfielder without giving one up.

DMan said...

Assuming Dimitri had learned his lesson and would keep his promise to come to spring training in shape, I supported the 2 year extension. When healthy, his bat was a welcome addition, and he had made improvement as a 1B. It was major disappointment that he did not live up to his end of the bargain last spring. I would think he has potential DH trade bait to an AL team written all over him if he's healthy enough to swing a hot bat at AAA. I like the guy, so I wish him well. Besides, what's the chance NJ isn't on the DL by June, and da Meat is needed back in DC, either as starter or reserve? Would love to dee Holliday in a Nats uni!