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Monday, July 14, 2008

All Stars: How'd I Do?

NL: 27 out of 32.

The fans corrected their early voting mistakes by removing Ken Griffey from the starting line-up and voting Ryan Braun in there, so I'll take the bite by projecting Griffey to the starters. For the hitters, I missed on Guzman, Tejada and Hart, selecting Jose Reyes and Wright as reserves, although Wright was named as an injury replacement. I had Rauch as the Nats rep. Figures one of the mistakes I made was for the team I cover. I still believe Rauch is the better pick to represent the Nats.

For the NL pitchers, I missed on Cook, Zambrano and Wilson, selecting Johan Santana, Matt Capps (injured after I picked) and Rauch. I took Santana over Cook and said as much thinking they would go with the bigger name, but I was wrong.

AL: 25 out of 32.

They did a number on me for the reserve hitters. I should have known they couldn't hold an all-star game with Jason Varitek. Others I missed were Carlos Guillen, Drew, Sizemore and Longoria (fans' pick). I selected Roberts, Pierzynski, Crawford, Magglio and Jose Guillen. Ordonez went DL'd after I picked.

For the AL pitchers, I did pretty good. I missed on Kazmir and Nathan, taking Mussina and Padilla. Padilla was just a big mistake, and he got hurt too. Not sure what I saw in him. I still don't quite understand the Kazmir selection though. There are any one of a dozen AL pitchers with comparable -- or better -- numbers.

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Kristen said...

Nice work. We missed you!