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Friday, May 2, 2008

Cordero Out, LoDuca Back In (And Other Things)

As expected, the Nats activated Paul LoDuca and DL'd Chad Cordero today. The interesting thing from Nats Journal is the team going on record saying LoDuca will get the bulk of the starts and Nieves will be the defensive replacement. I'm going on record, again, saying this team does not produce enough offense to carry three catchers. Period.

It's inexcusable how Bowden pits players against others while on the same roster to motivate one or the other, only to the detriment to the team. Nieves is a great story this past week, to be sure, but he's the very definition of a journeyman. Don't get me wrong, he's a very capable back-up catcher. But if he's going to be your back-up catcher, go with him and jettison Estrada. He's just taking up space at this point. Well, I suppose he's taking Dmitri Young's intened role as switch-hitting pinch-hitter. But Estrada's numbers are linked tell me if it looks like he's an effective player in a pinch-hitting role.

In other news, today in the Post, Boswell made some very interesting points about the new stadium. But it seems to me I've read some these opinions somewhere before. But where, oh where, may that have been???

I'm not seriously intimating that Boswell read my commentary. But I did meet the man last week and gave him my card...No. I'm not intimating. Really.

And it sounds like D'Meathook finally found the right pair of hands to give his balky back some relief. So much so, that he's already down in Viera trying to get some swings in and get back into baseball shape.

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