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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kasten Takes Metro to Park

Washington, DC--Washington Nationals' President Stan Kasten took a subway ride today--from Gallery Place to the Navy Yard--with the media in tow to prove how easy it will be to get to the new ballpark in near Southeast DC. Granted it was in the middle of the day, with the least amount of patrons possible in the Metro system, but the entire trip from doors closed to doors open was seven minutes and fifteen seconds.

"It's gonna be safe, convenient, easy…and an awful lot of fun," was how Kasten categorized a trip to the new park on Metro. "We have one of the best metro systems in the world, and I've been in metro stations all around the world," Kasten said. In response to questions about the Navy Yard Station being only "half-ready", Kasten replied, "Ah, but next week we're opening up the important half...the half right on our front door." He also assured that the Navy Yard Metro stop would be fully operational for opening day.

According to Kasten, there are 57,000 parking spots throughout the Metro system and patrons of Nationals Park should utilize them--and not drive all the way downtown--when visiting the new stadium. "Metro has a great schedule and they're prepared to handle all the crowds that we could possibly have." He added that Metro would have personnel at the Navy Yards and all transfer stations to point fans in the right direction.

Replying to a question about the surrounding area of the park, Kasten dismissed any concern, stating, "The neighborhood has really been spiffed up with sidewalks and lights and guards at the different, you know, directing foot traffic, so it's gonna be great."

Some things the Nats are still working on include a taxi queue, limo and sedan pick-up/drop off, and charter bus drop-off and parking. Kasten also stressed that the free shuttle from RFK will be a good option for fans, especially coming from Maryland, although he did not have details about how parking at RFK will be handled when schedules conflict with DC United, which still utilizes venerable RFK Stadium.

On a baseball related note, Kasten said Shawn Hill "looked terrific today," although it looks "likely" he'll start the season on the Disabled List, since Opening Day is just around the corner.

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Photo Courtesy of A. Amobi and DC Sports Box


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Down in Florida yet? Can't wait to get your in-person take on the J-Pat situation!

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